Why is Shrink Wrapping Important?

Water expands by 9% when it freezes. Rain and snow can collect on or in your deck, fish boxes and hull. When the collected water freezes, your hull and deck will crack under the pressure of the ice. This allows moisture to penetrate your fiberglass creating soft spots which are expensive to repair. Shrink wrapping prevents rain, snow and debris from entering your vessel and can double the useful life and value of your boat.

Other Reasons to Shrink Wrap Your Boat
• Protects vinyl seating and canvas from wear and sun exposure
• Protects gel coat and metal from sun fading and weathering
• Protects against bird droppings and other animals from entering
• Can allow easy access during the winter for maintenance
• Keeps boat clean and ready for use in the spring
• Deters theft and vandalism

Professional Shrink Wrap Services
Mobile Marine Detailing uses only the very best heavy duty marine grade shrink film. This high quality material is treated for UV protection preventing the film from drying out and cracking. When properly wrapped with welded seams all rain and snow will quickly drain which prevents puddling and ice formation. Couple this with proper ventilation for good air circulation under the wrap and your boat will be protected all winter long.

Premium Service Shrink Wrap - Includes heavy duty marine grade shrink film with UV protection, proper ventilation for good air circulation PLUS wrapped to the waterline whenever possible, premium stanchions creating a tent like structure and slow release mildew gas bags to help keep moisture out of the boat.

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